Report: Healthcare Europa Property Survey 2015

There is intense investor interest in healthcare services property across Europe. Fund manager Marc Phillip Martins-Kuenzel, at German real estate investor Corpus Sireo claims that he had 400 approaches from prospective buyers in a single year. This reflects the global search for high yielding investments. But healthcare property also carries risks. Some sectors such as the French hospital market, where major deals have been done, look risky as the government cuts tariffs. And the sector remains opaque and poorly segmented. There are plenty of traps for the unwary. It is also far from clear how much new capacity will come on stream for investors over the next decade. Here we look at whether and when the boom will go bust. First, we run through the headlines and what has happened to prices. We then go on to look at supply and demand. Other articles profile the main US and European property investors and the main national markets.

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