Buy-side advisor of Euryale in the acquisition of 3 nursing homes Propco totaling 182 beds

Advisor to Seller of share deal of 3 office buildings (in Berlin and Hamburg) for €60M

Buy-side advisor to Primonial REIM in their acquisition of       Clinique Cardiologique d’Aressy and in their acquisition of €1BN German nursing home real estate portfolio

Advisor to HCRE investor Gecimed to sell 4 hospitals (MSO & PSY) for €80M to BNP

Advisor to Elais Capital, PE fund acquiring majority  stake in SBD, French PSY operator

Buy-side advisor Mubadala Capital & CDC for minority  stake in Vivalto Santé (hospitals)

        Comparative study of Spain, Belgium and Netherlands on        healthcare market

Consultant to source the land for the creation of an AL facility in Normandy

PropCo acquisition of 3 large healthcare real estate portfolios in Germany

PropCo acquisition of a to be built Private hospital in Southern France (Failed) acquisition of €1,35Bn Gecimed, France’s 2nd largest healthcare real estate investor