The government promises an attending physician for each French citizen by 2025

Today, more than 6 million French people do not have their own doctor, and citizens’ concerns about medical deserts and the saturation of emergency services are only growing. To remedy this situation, the Health Minister François Braun insisted at the launch of the health consultations organized within the framework of the Conseil National de la Refondation on Monday on better coordination between health professionals and on a better sharing of tasks so that doctors could have more time for their patients and so that they can better respond to requests for emergency care.

To achieve this, the number of medical assistants will be increased to 10,000 by 2025 (3,000 medical assistant contracts were aldready signed at the end of April). These medical assistants are supposed to perform administrative tasks or technical gestures that doctors usually do, and this is what will allow them to take on about 10% more patients.